About Us

Mid-Ohio Mechanical, Inc. is an Ohio Corporation incorporated in 1974 and conducting business in Granville, Ohio. The company is managed by the following:

  • President:  Neal T. Hartfield
  • Vice President:  Sue W. Hartfield
  • Vice President of Operations:  Mark Hartfield
  • Secretary:  Dianna Boeshart

Mid-Ohio Mechanical, Inc. is licensed to perform construction in the State of Ohio with Ohio HVAC license No. 26378 and Ohio Plumbing license No. 26378. We have worked in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Georgia, Minnesota, Oregon, Tennessee, and California in addition to Ohio.

Mid-Ohio Mechanical, Inc. is a union contractor employing the following trades:

  • Ironworkers
  • Millwrights
  • Pipefitters
  • Sheet Metal Workers

Mid-Ohio Mechanical, Inc. is proud of the fact that they have never failed to complete a contract.

Mid-Ohio Mechanical, Inc. has averaged $7.1 million in annual sales over the past five (5) years. There is approximately $1,700,000.00 of work in progress and under contract as of this date. Sales for 2017 were $7,200,000.00.

Organization Key Individuals

Neal T. Hartfield, President of the corporation since 1974. Has 38 years of industrial construction experience.

Mark Hartfield, Vice President of Operations with the corporation since 1978. A Journeyman Ironworker with 38 years of industrial construction experience.

Brek Wildermuth, Sheet Metal Division Manager with the Corporation since 1998. A Journeyman Sheet Metal Worker with over 35 years of industrial construction experience.

Roger McAfee, Piping Division manager with over 45 years of industrial construction experience.